New Tales of Xillia Screens Show Off Two New Characters

New Tales of Xillia Screens Show Off Two New Characters


In the latest batch of screens from Namco Bandai’s upcoming PS3 RPG Tales of Xillia, we get acquainted with a new character that joins your merry band of adventurers – Elise Lutus. While she is only a single person, she does have a little friend that follows her around, named Tipo. Tipo is a talking stuffed animal and is used in many of Elise’s attacks and abilities.

Elise is a 12-year-old spirit master, and Tipo has a wide range of abilities to help out in combat. Most notably is a “Tipo On” ability, which attaches the stuffed animal to Elise’s back, buffing her own magic output, as well as firing off magic of its own. When in a “Tipo Off” state, Tipo will float around the battlefield dishing out a bit of physical damage to enemies that Elise is attacking.

Tales of Xillia seems to already be shaping up nicely, from what I’ve seen, so let’s hope this is a title Namco is considering bringing over to North America. I’d hate to have to wait years to be able to hang out with this wild cast of characters. Hit the break for the screens.