New Temtem Trailer Released, Confirmed for the PlayStation 5

During PlayStation's State of Play, we got a new look at Temtem, a Pokemon-inspired MMO coming to the PlayStation 5 in 2021.

During PlayStation’s State of Play showcase, we got a new look at Temtem, an MMO adventure game inspired by the Pokemon series.

The new trailer shows off several environments players can explore in the game, both alone and with other players. We also get a look at how you can customize your character and make them unique. In a report from the PlayStation Blog, game director Guillermo Andrades confirms players can also customize their character’s house.

Another major part of the trailer we get a glimpse at is how the turn-based combat works. If you’ve played any main Pokemon RPG, the battling system should look familiar to you. Your player throws down cards which release your Temtem and from there you can face off against other Temtems. Alongside that, you can battle other players online and explore environments together.

“Battles are focused on 2v2 combat with few random elements in each attack, meaning less guesswork and more strategic thinking is needed through each encounter,” said Andrades on the PS Blog. “Instead of a classic point system for moves we use stamina. Each move requires a different amount of stamina based on its power. If you overuse your Temtem’s stamina they will take damage for overexertion. This allows for ‘all-out’ attack moments if you see an opportunity to finish off your opponent.”

Temtem was announced back in 2018 and had a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game went into early access back in January. It wasn’t the only game to appear during State of Play. Other notable titles include Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time, Hitman III, and Bugsnax.

Temtem launches in 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also available in early access on Steam. You can watch the full State of Play stream below if you missed out. As more news releases abotu Temtem and other PlayStation 5 titles, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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