New TERA Dungeon Trailer Released E-Book Series Announced

By Megan Smith

March 15, 2012

During the Game Developers Conference, En Masse presented some end-game content for their upcoming MMO, TERA. The dungeon is named the Temple of Temerity, and prompts players to defend relics from waves of enemies for twenty whole minutes.

Over the course of the fight, the mobs will get harder to take down. After enough kills, bonuses such as relic heals will start to unlock.

Surviving the encounters will unlock barriers and other defenses, including explosive barrels, spikes and AoE quake attacks. There are few MMOs out there with same idea of  long-term type of survival fights, so we will see how this one plays out.

The publisher also announced a new e-book series to take players deeper into the lore behind the game.

The first c-book will be amed The Amaranthine Heart. The story is about a Valkyon Federation hero who has had a few rough patches in life. To get rid of some large debts, the former solider Madoc will have  to escort a Castanic crime lord’s caravan to an old battleground. Madoc then throws down with his inner demons when the caravan meets up with a blood magician who has promised the lord eternal life.

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See the Temple of Temerity dungeon trailer for yourself below.


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