New The Division Information Details Social Areas, Trading, and More

New The Division Information Details Social Areas, Trading, and More

The Division is the upcoming 2015 release title that’ll have you and your friends journeying throughout New York City after a massive viral outbreak brings and end to society as you know it. In this worn down city, factions rise and the laws are what you make of them. While the footage we’ve seen so far is pretty impressive, we haven’t really gotten all that many details up until this point.

Well today Ubisoft is throwing us a bone, and confirming the starting area for the game as the Green Zone. The Green Zone is a social area (like The Tower in Destiny) where you’ll be able to chill out and be safe from the waves of enemies in the city.

They also share that trading items and gear will be pretty important in this title, but they’re still in the process of working it out. That’s pretty sweet to hear, especially since trading was one of the things that we missed out on in Destiny. Its good to know that Ubisoft also thinks that shared world shooters need this important feature.

Finally they mention character creation and customization, which is another important part of the experience:

That’s the first thing you will do in the game. You will create your character and it’s not like there is a predetermined hero set. It’s all about you, how you want to experience the game and in what order you want to experience the content. The same goes for the character, you decide how you want to look

Let’s hope the information keeps on rolling in, however with the game slated to release in 2015, we still have plenty of time to wait for more.