New Time Crisis: Razing Storm Video and DeadStorm Pirates Gameplay Emerges

Namco Bandai has released video direct from a cinematic scene found in Time Crisis: Razing Storm. In this video players are set up for shooting action with an intense car scene complete with the Razing Storm music you might know from the demo. DeadStorm Pirates gameplay footage has also been released in the form of three clips showing off the actual action as well as cinematic moments of the game and the not only do the graphics appear to be pretty crisp, but things seem like an interesting break from the Time Crisis formula for those picking up the 3-in-1 compilation disc.

If you didn’t know already, I’m referring to the fact that Time Crisis: Razing Storm includes not only Razing Storm but also DeadStorm Pirates as well as the arcade version of Time Crisis 4. In DeadStorm Pirates you will have control over some zombie / ghost killing guns that are often used in a co-operative fashion to eliminate un-dead foes that take the on-rail shooting genre into creepy waters, literally. Check out the videos after the break.

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