New Titanfall Update to Add Two Game Modes, Customizable Titan Voices

on June 12, 2014 6:49 AM

A new update for Titanfall is on the way, set to bring in a host of new features, developer Respawn Entertainment has announced.

Two new modes will be added; Marked for Death is a 6v6 gametype where one player on each team is marked as a target and must be hunted down for points. Each team must try to protect their own player while trying to take down the enemy.

The second mode, Wingman LTS is a 2v2 gametype, the first such type to be featured in Titanfall. Functionally it’s the same as Last Titan Standing, although Respawn intends for the reduced player count to increase the tactical play of the game.

The update will also bring two new voices for the Titans, as well as allowing players to select decals for their mechs.

Respawn has also expressed a commitment to improving their matchmaking system, which they say will start shuffling teams to ensure that the skill on both sides is as even as possible.

The update is set to hit later this month on PC and Xbox One, with the Xbox 360 version getting the patch a little later.