New Tomb Raider Screenshots Available

on June 3, 2012 3:45 PM

An old classic is getting a new look with 2013’s newest installment to the Tomb Raider series, and it’s quite a stunning look at that. Five screenshots have just been released online of the latest Tomb Raider. While they don’t feature gameplay, the shots focus on the grungy detail of the game. In a series that has always focused to some extent on glamor, seeing Lara Croft get a little down and dirty is a refreshing breath of air.

As you can see in the title image, it appears that Tomb Raider fans are going to be getting a whole new level of action-packed adventure in the new game. Hostages, collapsing airplanes, and bad guys abound: Lara is in for a run for her money (of which she has plenty to spare) come 2013.

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