New Trademark from Blizzard May Hint at the Next World of Warcraft or Hearthstone Expansion

November 4, 2014

With the Curse of Naxxramas expansion for Hearthstone and the upcoming Warlords of Drainer for World of Warcraft, now is as good a time as any to be a fan of Blizzard – and now, even more so with the potential news around the upcoming expansion for one of its titles.

Following teasers from Blizzard that news regarding Hearthstone would be on the way along with a full expansion for the digital card game, reports detail that a new trademark has been filed by Blizzard for a title called “Eye of Azshara,” referring to an ancient elven queen and area within the Warcraft universe, that may be the title of either the next World of Warcraft or Hearthstone expansion.


With this weekend being BlizzCon 2014, it seems to be in the cards that a reveal for the next expansion of Hearthstone will be revealed as “Eye of Azshura,” and while Warlords of Draenor is still on its way to release later this year, there is still the possibility that it could be the follow-up expansion to bolster World of Warcraft.

Ryan Meitzler

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