New Trailer for Black Ops 2 Reveals the Villain, Features Theme Song by Trent Reznor

on July 11, 2012 11:00 AM

A new trailer has been released for Black Ops 2 which teases some more of the story, going so far as to show what appears to be the main villain in the game. The nameless bearded fellow seems intent on causing some destruction and appears to have stolen some weapons to do so. That’s all cool but more interesting is seeing Trent Reznor’s name attached to the trailer. Turns out Mr Reznor is doing the theme song for Black Ops 2 as he reveals in an interview with USA Today.

The trailer itself is below for you to enjoy and comes with a note at the end that if you pre-order you get access to the “Nuketown 2025” bonus map. Yay pre-order bonuses! Check it out. 

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