New Trailer for Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

By Danl Haas

February 5, 2011

As you may rememberFinal Fantasy IV and its epilogue chapter, The After Years, are finally getting a together on the same UMD, allowing you to play through both in a seamless fashion and experience the entire arc of that story with minimal hassle. Which is great, considering that previously, The After Years had a bizarrely limited release, only hitting the PSP, WiiWare, and (inexplicably) mobile phones. Man, remember when people thought that junky Nokia you had in 10th grade would be good for playing games other than Snake? Weird times.

Anyway, the collection has a brand new trailer showing off some of the pre-rendered cinemas and revamped graphics present in the title, as well a real release date: April 19 2011. Check it out after the jump,

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