New Trailer for Poker Night at the Inventory? Looks Alri--OMG NEW UNLOCKABLE TF2 ITEMS

By Allen Park

November 4, 2010

Check this shiny new trailer for Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory.  Looks like a typical poker game, beyond the colorful characters and the sass they spew consistently.  That’s pretty awesome in and of itself; I mean, hearing the Heavy spout such vivid dialogue is enough to get my loins quivering for this game, and I really couldn’t care less about poker.

But unlockable items for use in TF2? As one of the premier fans of “America’s #1 war-themed hat simulator”, this makes me drool with anticipation.

Upon slowing down the video, the items look to be The Enthusiast’s Timepiece (likely for the Spy), License to Maim (badge for all classes), The Lugermorph (equippable by the Scout?), The Iron Curtain (for the Heavy), and Dangeresque, Too? (item for the Demo?).

The release of Poker Night at the Inventory is unknown, but I really hope it’s soon.

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