New Trailer for Tournament of Legends on Wii

Sega has released the first video in series to feature the Tournament of Legends game for Nintendo Wii. The first chapter introduces the Gladiator, Marcus Antonius, Hero of Rome, Minotaur, and BraveHoof The Defender of Nature. Looks like a history book and Street Fighter got together for a good time. Kicking a little historical butt may be fun. Check out a brief character description and trailer below. Happy gaming!

Marcus Antonius, The Hero of Rome
· Background: The arrogant Gladiator seeks to be remembered as the greatest legend the world has ever known.
· Default Weapon: Lion Shield and Caesar Sword. Players wield both the shield and sword with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The Lion Shield can absorb and redirect many ranged attacks.
· Other Class Weapons: The Scythe and The Claw & Sword.
· Magic attacks: Rain of Arrows, Dinnertime, Gotcha!, Lion’s Roar, and the Onslaught Enchantment.

BraveHoof, The Defender of Nature
· Background: The violent Minotaur struggles to maintain a peaceful mind yet seeks to destroy civilization and return mankind to the arms of nature, where he himself found peace.
· Default Weapon: Peacemaker. The two-handed stone battle-axe embodies the primal fury of nature itself.
· Other Class Weapons: The Club & Shield and The Dual Hammers.
· Special attacks: Rampage, Nature’s Spear, Beserrk, Hatchet Job, and the Vampire Enchantment.

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