New Trailer for Injustice 2 Tells You Everything You Need to Know Before Launch

New Trailer for Injustice 2 Tells You Everything You Need to Know Before Launch

The new video for the upcoming DC fighting game gives details on every aspect of the finished product.

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for its upcoming game Injustice 2. This new video is titled “Everything You Need To Know” and it, well, tells you just that.

Every aspect of the finished Injustice 2 product is detailed in this new video. From more insight into the game’s unique story, to showing off some of the various factions led by Superman, Batman, and Gorilla Grodd, this trailer catches players up quickly a week before launch. In addition to the single player, we also get a look at one of the new aspects of this sequel which is the ability to customize each character with unique gear that give them specialized looks and abilities. Multiplayer features of the game such as the ability to form guilds are also shown off with more detail.

In other recent Injustice 2 news, Warner Bros. detailed its plans for the Injustice 2 Championship Series which is a four month online and offline tournament that will be in search of the top 16 players in the world. The best of the best from around the world will then come together for the finals in Los Angeles on September 17 later this year.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing more footage of Injustice 2, then be sure to check out the recently released video which showcases nearly every character’s super move.

Check out the new trailer below to help you fill in the gaps before Injustice 2 launches on May 16 for PS4 and Xbox One. If you can’t wait that long, then keep an eye out for the mobile version of the game that will be coming to iOS and Android later this week on May 11.