New Trauma Team Walkthrough Series Video – Forensics!

on February 19, 2010 3:15 PM

The Trauma Team Walkthrough Series continues to bring us further into the Wii title Trauma Team with this insightful view into the forensics missions.  Players will use the Wii remote to become criminal investigator Naomi Kimishima, an established Trauma Center character, solving mysterious crimes.  The tools used range from point and click exploration tools like Advanced Light Sources, magnifying glasses, as well as other standard forensics tools that reveal blood and fingerprints.  You will also be examining bodies in your quest for evidence to help you determine the cause of death as well as making use of Naomi’s supernatural powers as she begins hearing deceased victims’ final moments on her cell phone!  Check out the fascinating game play walk through below of Trama Team, set to give forensic thriller fans a thrill on Wii May 18th!

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