New Twisted Metal Details Revealed

New Twisted Metal Details Revealed

David Jaffe is a real cool guy, emphasis on the word real, the guy knows how to communicate with the fans and he really makes an effort to make himself reachable and available. Whether he’s rambling on YouTube about Doctor Who or tweeting Twisted Metal stuff, he’s always there and it’s something you don’t really see with a lot of these game designers and developers these days. Today he posted a video and revealed some very interesting tidbits on Twisted Metal and his feelings on Online Passes.

It’s been confirmed that Twisted Metal will be receiving a day 1 patch. As much as Jaffe hates patches, he assures us that it will be a quick download and its main purpose is just to “fix a few bugs” but it will also balance out some vehicles as well.

A Twisted Metal demo is on its way, no solid date yet but Jaffe says that within the next 48 hours, he is working with the testers to finalize the demo and have it ready soon. Given the fact that Twisted Metal releases on February 14, the demo should be out within the next few days. Next Tuesday? Knock on wood.

He also mentions that the development team will be playing with Twisted Metal fans on launch day and that he will make an alternate PSN made just for gaming with the fans. What a guy!

Though these are basically the cliff’s notes from his 20+ minute video blog, you should definitely check out the video in its entirety down below. David Jaffe says that this is the “best Twisted Metal ever made” Best of luck my man, best of luck.