New Uncharted 2 DLC in Development

New Uncharted 2 DLC in Development

width="511"Last year’s biggest game isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Adding to this furious momentum is the reveal that new DLC is in the works for this triple-A exclusive. The news was leaked by the voice actress for the character Elena Fisher.

Emily Rose teased fans via an update to her Twitter account:


“Landed in LALA land yesterday and already the schedule is a buzz…. filming my first Night show today 4 #HAVEN then work on #UNCHARTED!”

When the leak instigated speculation of Uncharted 3, a Sony Representative swiftly dispelled the rumor via Kotaku saying:

“Now that Emily is just back from filming Haven she will be working with [Uncharted development studio] Naughty Dog on some DLC content.”

So Uncharted fans can get excited about the new DLC instead of a sequel to Uncharted 2. I’m fairly certain though that with this kind of success, another Uncharted game can’t be too farfetched an idea.