New Uncharted 3 Story Details Arrive

By Kyle Durant

April 8, 2011

Yet again, a popular title’s story details have been dug up by another magazine. This time around the Official PlayStation Magazine has a handful of Uncharted 3 campaign details. Most of the information focuses heavily on the environments Drake will come across and their physics. That doesn’t hamper the other details at all, though. Such as the big possibility of more Uncharted titles and reoccurring characters. But wait…what’s this about motorcycles!? Check past the break for all the details.

  • Drake spends most of his time exploring the Arabian dunes of Rub’ al Khali
  • The game features all the things you’d expect in a desert, including sandstorms and mirages
  • The sand creates a dynamic environment for Drake, with altering geography
  • Drake and Sullivan are in the Empty Quarter looking for the Iram of the Pillars (Atlantis of the Sands)
  • Not all locations are in the desert
  • The story is based around Lawrence of Arabia and his fascination with Atlantis of the Sands
  • Motorcycles are all but confirmed. Naughty Dog states, “We have a strong tradition of vehicular gameplay and we try not to repeat ourselves.”
  • The story is still being written and changed
  • Villian Katherine Marlowe is part of a secret order that dates back to Queen Elizabeth I
  • Drake’s Deception will most likely not be Drake’s last outing; “The Uncharted franchise was never conceived as a trilogy.”
  • “Of course, there are recurring characters from previous game” – Naughty Dog
  • There’s a new melee system with features like Drake picking up a bottle from a table and smashing it over an enemy’s head.
  • Also new stealth moves and mechanics
  • “We’ll be sure to alert everyone if a public beta is in the works this time around” – Naughty Dog

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