Go Behind-the-Scenes in New “Making Of” Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Video

Go Behind-the-Scenes in New “Making Of” Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Video

Learn more about Naughty Dog's upcoming standalone Uncharted experience, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, in new behind-the-scenes "making of" video.

Today, developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new behind-the-scenes video, titled the “Making of,” for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. 

In addition to showcasing more new gameplay footage and cinematic snippets from the game, the video also touches upon points previously made by Naughty Dog in the past, such as the why the game stars Chloe and Nadine opposed to Sully and Sam, the motivations behind Chloe and Nadine, the game’s open-world like gameplay, the tension between the contrasting personalities of Chloe and Nadine, how the project started off rather small but quickly grew into an entire game, and much more.

If you’ve been following all Uncharted: The Lost Legacy news like a hawk then there really isn’t any new information presented in the video, it mostly is just differently regurgitated points and tidbits previously made. However, if you haven’t been consuming everything Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, then there is a plethora of information on the above-mentioned topics and more.

For those entirely out of the loop:  Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone experience that stars series fan-favorite Chloe Frazer, joined by renowned mercenary Nadine Ross, who made her first appearance in the series with 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 

Together the two are on a hunt in Chloe’s homeland, India, where they are racing and facing a ruthless warmonger named Asav for an ancient Indian artifact.

According to Naughty Dog, the game takes place after the events of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and is the most substantial story expansion to date for Naughty Dog.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be available for PS4 both digitally and at retail for $39.99 USD starting on August 22nd in North America and on August 23rd in Europe. While the product is a standalone experience, it notably does come with access to Uncharted 4’s multiplayer. Further, anyone who preorders the game will receive a free digital copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when it releases on PS4 later this year as a PS2 classic.

Below, you can check out the new video for yourself: