Aquaplus Reveals Brand New Utawarerumono Game

Aquaplus Reveals Brand New Utawarerumono Game

Utawarerumono's next entry was revealed with a teaser trailer. More information will be available in this week's Famitsu magazine.

Aquaplus announced a brand new Utawarerumono game, with exclusive characters and story. A teaser site for the game was opened, which also plays out a teaser trailer showing various artwork and stating how the game is a brand new title. The site will be fully opened on July 2.

The new Utawarerumono game was revealed following a countdown which started on June 21 and ended on June 25. The game is temporarily titled “Utawarerumono New Title”. More information on this new Utawarerumono, like which platforms its coming for, will be revealed in this week’s Famitsu magazine.

A short story summary and descriptions for the two characters on the visual were also shared by Aquaplus. The male character shown is the protagonist and is named Akuta and voiced by Kazuya Nakai. The female character shown is named Minagi and voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki.

Utawarerumono‘s main series is currently made of a trilogy of visual novels with tactical RPG battles. The second and third games, Utawarerumono Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono Mask of Truth are available in the west. A remake of the first game, Utawarerumono Prelude to The Fallen, is coming west in early 2020. Lastly, the spinoff Utawarerumono Zan, an action RPG based on the story events of the second game, is coming west as well.

There’s a fairly high chance this new Utawarerumono game will be localized in the west as well.