New Video Showcases the Political Ideals of Players in Divinity: Dragon Commander; Patch Notes Released

on October 10, 2013 2:57 PM

Larian Studios released a new Divinity: Dragon Commander video today, as well as patch notes for the latest update.

Dragon Commander is all about decisions (political, social, etc.). This time the spotlight is on the members of the gaming community and their own decisions in the course of the game. You can watch that video below and find out how players voted on hot topics like torture, freedom of the press, nudism and violent video games:

There’s also the patch notes that detail the many new updates for Dragon Commander. Those notes have been posted below for your convenience:

  • Added Global chat
  • Added battle result window with extensive combat stats and graphs
  • Gifting of units/resources/buildings
  • AI fixes for better expansion
  • Turn left/right with keyboard
  • Faster connection for UPNP devices
  • Fixes to population defecting
  • Fixed exploit for cards on strategy map
  • Allow enable/disable of golden dragon
  • Rebalanced difficulty
  • Added new cursors
  • Performance improvement in multiplayer with AI opponents
  • Allowed remapping of keyboard shortcuts for building units/buildings and
    using skills
  • Fixed custom game setting “FFA AI’s always join battle”
  • Russian localization fixes to text
  • Minor balancing tweaks (warlock base damage and meteor shower)
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