New Video Shows How PS5 Fake Boot Up Sequence Was Created

That PS5 boot up video that you may have seen on the Internet is a fake, but the process of how it was created is incredibly impressive.

If you’ve been on the Internet over the past few days, you may have seen a certain video making the rounds that claimed to show the official boot up sequence for the upcoming PS5. Well, it turns out that the video was fake. Shocker, I know. Regardless of it being untrue, the mastermind behind the fake PS5 boot up has now come forward and showed just how he pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and it’s kind of fascinating.

The how-to video, which is about two minutes in length, shows off a sped-up process of just how this thought-to-be-real PS5 sequence was made. The creator, who goes by the name Oby 1 on YouTube, seemingly utilized software known as Blender to create nearly all aspects of this dupe. Not only was the start-up sequence itself made with this tool, but the creator also fabricated a fake version of the PS5 itself to sit in the corner of the video, too. The creator then contacted someone that they know to put together a sound effect that may sound like something that would play when turning on the PS5.

While you might be annoyed to know that this whole thing was a fake, I’m always impressed by the talent that people have when it comes to putting these things together. What’s even more fascinating is just how quickly fakes like this can get around, too. As the creator stated in the description of this YouTube video, they aren’t really sure how this start-up sequence started making the rounds all over the Internet. The only place they said that they shared it was 9gag and then from there it blew up. Clearly, PS5 fans are hungry for any information whatsoever if videos like this are getting so widely shared so quickly.

We still have yet to see what the official boot up sequence for the PS5 will be and I have a feeling that we may not find out what it looks like until later this year when the console releases. Hopefully, we’ll get some new official information on the platform sooner rather than later from Sony, though.

The PS5 is set to launch later this year at an undetermined date in the Holiday 2020 season.

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