New Videos for God of War Show Extended Looks at Gameplay and Combat

Sony has released two new gameplay videos for God of War which show off the game's combat systems in further detail.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica today released two new videos for God of War highlighting one of the game’s most popular elements: the combat.

The first of these two videos is dedicated to showing players how the new combat within God of War functions and the thought process behind its design. Director Cory Barlog and Lead Gameplay Designer Jason McDonald are featured in the video and talk about the decisions that were made early on in development to create this all-new combat system. It also features a vast amount of gameplay footage running on a PS4 Pro, which despite being so close to release, is something we haven’t seen much of from God of War yet.

The second video is less focused specifically on combat, and instead shows a handful of sequences from God of War while members of the team at PlayStation further explain some of the game’s systems and mechanics. The video is a little over fifteen minutes in total and again provides our lengthiest look at God of War so far. If you’ve been waiting to see more gameplay footage of God of War in action, then this extended look should give you that in spades.

In other God of War news, Sony also released a pretty awesome new commercial for the game last night. If you’re like me, you’ll probably watch it a couple dozen times as we near the game’s release next month.

You can find both of today’s new videos for God of War at the bottom of the page. God of War is due out next month on April 20, exclusively for PS4.

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