New Wall Street Journal Report Adds to PlayStation 4.5/4K Rumors; Announcement Before PSVR Release

New Wall Street Journal Report Adds to PlayStation 4.5/4K Rumors; Announcement Before PSVR Release

In the last few weeks, several rumors and details had begun emerging on the prospects of a newly-refreshed model of the PS4 called by many as the “PS4.5” or “PS4K,” a reportedly more powerful model of the current PS4 hardware capable of displaying 4K content in some capacity, whether it be purely for 4K media such as movies or video, or specifically for an enhanced experience with the upcoming PlayStation VR releasing this fall.

In a new report coming from The Wall Street Journal citing sources “familiar with the matter” (though remaining anonymous), the report details that an announcement for the rumored 4K-capable PS4 hardware would be coming prior to the launch of PlayStation VR this October.

The article also explains that, like previous reports on the hardware, production would continue on the existing PS4 hardware while the “4.5/4K” model would be able to handle “ultra high-definition resolution graphics” and “higher-end gaming experiences,” to offer better technical and graphical performance compared to the current PS4 hardware.

The report from The Wall Street Journal backs up several of the previously-reported details on the refreshed PS4 model, including sharing the software library of the current PS4 and its intention of providing greater technical fidelity to the console, along with (potentially) helping to support the PSVR this fall.

However, as with all rumors, these details are still to be taken with a large degree of salt as Sony has not officially commented on rumors or reports for the “PS4.5/4K” just yet.

It’s also worth mentioning that, even if the rumors might have a degree of truth to them, the part about supporting 4K graphics, at least for games, is probably a misunderstanding either on the side of the sources or of the writer. It’s beyond unlikely that the hardware required for that kind of resolution could fit a console’s form factor, price and energy/heat management requirements in the near and medium term.