Where To Find The New Bunker In Warzone Season 2

There are new bunkers to be discovered in Verdansk!

February 25, 2021

New Warzone bunker in Season 2 you say? let’s take a look!

With Season Two firmly underway, there’s plenty to talk about. There were a lot of changes made to Verdansk in the latest Warzone update, and one of them was the inclusion of three new bunkers.  These new bunker locations will be hotly contested if you plan on dropping straight into them, so be ready for a fight when you land.

DualShockers ourselves have also visited the locations and we’ve put together the three places where you can find the brand new bunkers. We’ll update this information as we find out more.

Bunker 1 Location

The first new Warzone bunker in Season 2 is located just south of the Arklov Peak Military Base, if you run away from the Military Base you’ll find the new bunker located on a small hill next to a road. Take a look at the Tweet below, courtesy of CharlieINTEL, to check out what’s inside this new bunker.


Bunker 2 Location

The next bunker location can be found right at the south of Verdansk, past Downtown and just at the tip of Park. Check out the short clip to see the exact location of this second bunker, and all of the loot that can be found inside!

Bunker 3 Location

The final bunker is again located towards the south of Verdansk, this time it’s to the south-east of Grazna Hills. Remember to deploy your parachute when you drop into this bunker! Or you can find a large hole in the side of a hill to gain access, but if you parachute into the bunker, you’ll want to exit through the hole in the hill.

@CharlieINTEL on Twitter has visited all three of the new bunkers scattered across Verdansk and has uploaded handy videos, so use them if you’re looking for more information.

Season Two Double XP

Activision has announced that to celebrate the launch of Season Two, players will be given Double XP between February 26, 10AM PT and March 1, 10AM PT.

This not only includes Double XP, but Double Weapon XP too!

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