Will The LC10 and FARA-83 Become The New Warzone Meta For Season 2?

Could the new SMG and AR dominate Warzone?

Season Two of Cold War and Warzone is finally here, and with it a whole lot of new content. There’s two brand new weapons for players to use right now, but many want to know if they could become the new Warzone meta? Let’s take a look at the two new weapons that could very well be the new big thing in Warzone. Make sure to check out all the latest DualShockers content with the release of Season Two.

New FARA-83 Assault Rifle

The FARA-83 can be unlocked by reaching level fifteen in the Season Two Battle Pass. Don’t worry, you won’t need to purchase the Battle Pass to unlock it, the weapon is one of the free tiers included in the pass.

In terms of bullet velocity, the FARA-83 has the highest out of any other assault rifle in Warzone, and it deals a large amount of damage. As well as the high damage it can deal, the FARA-83 has a fire rate of around 800 rounds per minute. However, there is a downside to this weapon, the recoil control is a bit crazy. If you’re willing to stick with the weapon and level it up, you’ll be able to unlock various attachments that bring the recoil down.

New LC10 Sub Machine Gun

Much like the FARA-83, the new LC10 Submachine Gun can be obtained through the Season Two battle pass. Unfortunatly, it may take a little longer to unlock as it’s not until tier thirty-one that the SMG is unlocked. But again, the weapon is part of the free tiers so players won’t need to purchase the pass.

The LC10 doesn’t have as high a rate of fire like other SMGs such as the MP7 and shoots around 800 rounds per minute. It does have great mobility and performs well at long range for a submachine gun, but would lose in short-range fights against other submachine guns such as the MP5 or 7. The bullet velocity is around four hundred and ten metres per second, which is standard for an SMG.

Will They Become The New Warzone Meta?

Personally, I don’t see the LC10 comparing to other SMG’s in the game. If you plan on jumping into multiplayer with the new SMG, you’ll have a good time. But when it comes to fighting in Verdansk, there’s far better loadout options to run.

But on the other hand, the FARA-83 could quite easily become the new meta to use in Warzone, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right attachments to get the most out of the gun.

For the muzzle, you’ll want to make sure the ‘agency suppresor’ is equipped, not only to supress the bullet sounds and stay hidden, but to control some of that vertical recoil.

Next, you’ll need to make use of the 15.5″ Contour Barrel, this is to increase the damage range and bullet velocity on the new assault rifle, both things being extremely important in Warzone.

Make sure you’ve got the Field Agent Grip equipped on the Underbarrel to add more control over vertical and horizontal recoil.

After that, put on the 60 round mag under Ammunition. A big magazine is a MUST for Warzone and don’t let anybody tell you different. When enemies are able to shield up and take more bullets than you can in standard multiplayer, sometimes it comes down to those final few bullets that win you the gun fight.

Finally, it’s probably best to put a new sight on the gun, as the standard iron sight isn’t great. But this is something that comes down to personal preference, go with the sight you prefer!

Now you’ve got the perfect setup for the new FARA-83 get out into the Warzone and let us know how you do in the comments!


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