New Watch Dogs DLC Released Today; Adds a Slew of Single Player Content

on July 1, 2014 6:27 PM

Watch Dogs has been out for a little while now so it’s just about time for it to get some new content. This latest DLC will add three new single player missions as well as additional outfits, boosts, perks and weapons.

There are a total of three new missions. The Palace has you infiltrating the home of an internet mogul who has information on you and DedSec. His home is about to be raided by the authorities so you’ll have to destroy the info he has, as well as take care of him, before the cops show up. Signature Shot has you breaking into a Viceroy stronghold to steal a special type of sniper rile which will only fire for the first person who imprints their palm on its handle. Finally, Breakthrough has Aiden trying to find Scramblers who are scattered throughout the city. They have information which will lead to the location of a secret meeting that Aiden has to infiltrate in order to kill everyone in it.

Progressing through these missions will unlock new weapons like the previously mentioned biometric rifle and an auto-6 pistol. There will be a new outfit called the South Chicago Outfit and new boosts like the DedSec Battery Boost, a Blume Weapon boost which reduces recoil and increases loading speeds of all weapons, a Driving Master Boost that raises the amount of damage a vehicle can take, and finally an ATM boost which will allow you get take more money from machines.

This DLC will come as part of the Watch Dogs season pass or separately for $6.99.

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