New Wildman Video Update is Happy to Shove the Game Up Your… (Updated)

New Wildman Video Update is Happy to Shove the Game Up Your… (Updated)

Gas Powered Games released the first video update for their kickstarter project Wildman, letting Creative Director Chris Taylor himself explain a few elements about the game, and even more prominently show some gameplay, including a lovely freeze towards the end. It’s always great when you manage to reproduce a glitch, is it not?

The Kickstarter capaign is in full swing, with $223,767  pledged by 4,238 backers at the moment of this writing. If you want to contribute yourself, you can do so here.

Maybe watching the video below will help you decide if you’re still on the fence. One thing is for sure, for a video that promises not to pull any “corny” gags, it sure ends with a cliffhanger…

Update: Chris Taylor also published a second update, and this time it wasn’t all fun and games. Unfortunately, in order to make things work with the current cash in the coffers, the majority of the staff at Gas Powered Games has been laid off. The second update asked the pledgers if the campaign should continue, or end under current circumstances. Continuing would bring the possibility of hiring back the laid off employees if numbers improve.  Given that the majority of the backers said to keep it going, I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.

That said, now the kickstarter project turns into a challenge to save the studio, not just to make the game.