New World Has Been Pushed Back to August

Amazon Games' New World is another anticipated title of Spring that has been delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The latest news from Amazon Game Studios on New World reveals that the game won’t be launching in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that it has caused for developers at the studio.

Announced by Scot Lane, game director behind New World, the game is now aimed to be released on August 25 in order to make sure that it will be available for players in the best quality without any major issues. Following the release date delay, the closed-beta phase of the game has also been pushed back to July.

New World is a role-playing MMO set in the mysterious island of Aeternum. As a newcomer to the island, you can join a faction or set up a new one with your teammates and start making your own territory on the island. In addition to the opposite factions, you have to deal with the demonic giant creatures that are roaming around Aeternum.

The coronavirus pandemic has already affected many industries around the world and the video games industry is no exception. Many developers have had no choice but to shut down the offices until everything gets back to the way it was before the outbreak. The Last of Us Part 2, Wasteland 3, and Iron Man VR are some of the notable games that were planned to launch in Spring, but the new dangerous situation forced developers to push back the release date.

Aside from disrupting the development process of the games, the virus has also caused many problems in shipping and selling the physical versions of the upcoming titles, which would directly affect the number of sales for triple-A projects like The Last of Us Part 2.

New World is currently a PC-exclusive title and there’s been no information on a console version of the game so far.

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