Amazon Game Studios Teases New World with New Images as Alpha Testing Sign-Ups Open

Amazon Game Studios Teases New World with New Images as Alpha Testing Sign-Ups Open

Alpha testing to take place soon and some pretty pictures of a big head.

Amazon Game Studios has been working on a title which they announced back in August this year, and since then they’ve been sharing Tweets with screenshots of the world. For those who don’t know, New World is an MMO experience set in a 17th-century world with supernatural forces and territories to conquer.

On November 3 the Twitter account tweeted the below tweet showing off a location known as Weaver’s Fen. The images show a ruined environment and a giant head monument of sorts. Also included in the Tweet are details on how players can now start signing up for alpha testing.

If players wish to sign up for alpha testing they need to,

  • Head to
  • Click “Alpha Sign Up”
  • Log in to Amazon
  • Click “Email Me”

According to the website, New World’s world is massive and hostile and allows players to craft hundreds of magical items and weapons. They’ll also battle against the wilderness, enemy raiders, and gathering evil, but players can unite with other players to fight back and even conquer territories around the world.

Amazon Game Studios started looking for developers back in 2015 when they had started looking to create their first PC game. In April this year, they announced that they were ceasing development on their MOBA-like title Breakaway.

Footage of the game in action was released last month from a previous alpha test. It shows us Windsward and shows a large world being explored with wildlife present. Although there seems to be nothing else revealed such as combat, or other players roaming the lands.

New World is to be available on PC with alpha testing taking place apparently soon.