New World of Warcraft Expansion Shadowlands Revealed

The new World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands was revealed, bringing new content like covenants and four new zones to the MMORPG.

At Blizzcon 2019, the next World of Warcraft expansion has been revealed and it looks like we will be traveling back to Icecrown. Shadowlands will be available next year and bring a slew of new places to explore in the large world of Azeroth.

The cinematic trailer shown sees Sylvanas Windrunner ambush the current Lich King in Icecrown, Bolvar Fordragon. While the Lich King has typically been seen as a villain, Fordragon has kind of just been there since crazy stuff happens if someone doesn’t take up the mantle. The two have a pretty wild battle, with the Lich King seemingly winning…. but Sylvanas was able to put him in chains. The “Dark Lady” takes the helmet off of Fordragon — which looks pretty painful — and breaks it in half with her bare hands. This literally breaks the sky, with a mysterious tower over the throne of the Lich King.

It turns out breaking the Lich’s helm opened a pathway to the realm of the dead. If you were unsure still, this realm is known as the Shadowlands. According to the deep-voiced narrator, these lands were not meant for mortal eyes, yet, here we are. This means a load of new zones will be coming to the game. Here is the list of new zones as seen in the video below:

  • Revendreth
  • Ardenweald
  • Maldraxxus
  • Bastion

The trailer also says you can “choose a covenant,” showing what looks like leaders of each of the four zones. There is not much known, but it also shows armor sets themed after each covenant. As expected, there will also be new dungeons and raids added to the World of Warcraft. It also looks like the Tower of the Damned will be one of those raids or dungeons, but wasn’t specified.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available to pre-purchase today.

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