New World Server Queues Are Affecting Streamers Too, Asmongold Reacts

By Frankie Clarke

September 29, 2021

With the release of Amazon’s new MMO New World, comes the otherworldly server queue times for everyone including streamers as shown by OTK’s Asmongold.

Amazon’s brand new MMO New World launched yesterday and hit quite a big bump in the road from the get-go with its server queues and maximum server capacity not being prepared for the number of players flocking to play on launch day.

New World is Amazon’s jump into MMO gaming with its game company Amazon Game Studios. The game was originally set to release in May 2021 but was pushed back to August 2021 and later released on September 28 2021. From looking at the reviews on Google, its average rating is currently sitting at 2.8/5 and from skimming those reviews, the majority of complaints seems to stem from the time players are having to wait in the queue.

New World | Launch Trailer

New World | Launch Trailer

No Streamer Queue Priority or Unique Accounts for New World?

One of Twitch’s big-name streamers, Asmongold, has been MMO hopping as of late. Originally a World of Warcraft heavy streamer who was one of the first big WoW streamers to take the leap and create a wave of migration to Final Fantasy XIV, Asmon, like many others, decided to jump on the launch day hype of New World.

As seen in the clip linked above Asmongold doesn’t seem too happy hearing the news that streamers haven’t been granted queue priority nor unique accounts for New World at its launch and get stuck in a line at number 10413 waiting to log in.

According to LSF comments, Asmon gave up and went to a different server away from the crew he was going to play with, but lucky for him the New World Twitter announced free server transfers within the first 2 weeks as well as expanding their server capacities.

Of course, it’s not only streamers who are dealing with otherworldly queues times, it’s the average gamer also. However, rather than complaining about the queue times, others have suggested not pick a server with a streamer present and you’ll get in easy.

Can you avoid the queues?

In search of a tool to help I came across a tweet about a new website that shows you which servers streamers of any size are currently residing in as well as the server capacity, whilst this seems to be a tool set up for fans to be able to play alongside their favourite streamers, it seems like it would also come in handy to avoid them if you want a simple life in New World.

New World is available on PC since September 28, 2021.

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