New World Void Gauntlet Skills and Expected Release Window

A fancy gauntlet inbound.

September 28, 2021

With New World coming out today, many players are now counting down for the addition of Void Gauntlet that could be the next meta weapon in the game.

New World is the latest favorite game for MMO enthusiasts who would love to start a brand new adventure in a brand new world.

Void Gauntlet has been one of the speculated weapons that we first heard about it from data miners, but it then got confirmed by a member of the development, revealing that it wouldn’t take them long to add it to the game after launch.

So, if you can’t wait to learn more about this new weapon, we suggest you read through its leaked skills down below. Just be aware that the exact stats for most of the Active Skills have not been leaked yet, so you would face X percent or X seconds down below instead of real numbers.


New World – Void Gauntlet Skills


Void Blade (Active):

  • Summon a blade of Void energy that converts your basic attacks to melee. Tap Basic Attack to perform a quick slash that deals x% weapon damage or hold to perform a thrust attack that deals x% weapon damage.
  • Both attacks inflict Disintegrate on successful hits, dealing x% weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by x% for x seconds.

Punishing Chamber (Active):

  • Summon a circle of Void energy at your feet that deals x% weapon damage per second to enemies and grants Empower to friendlies, increasing their damage by x%. x meter radius. 8s duration.

Petrifying Scream (Active):

  • Unleash a Void-infused scream, dealing x% weapon damage and inflicting Root to enemies 4m in front of you, disabling their movement for x sevonds.

Void Aura (Ultimate):

  • On successful ability hit, gain a stack of Void Essence. At 6 stacks, consume all stacks and gain a x meters aura on self that heals friendlies for x% weapon damage and deals x% weapon damage per second to enemies within. x seconds duration. x seconds cooldown.

Drained Strength (Passive):

  • +X% damage while below x% mana.

Healthy Luck (Passive):

  • +X% Critical Chance while above x% health.

Recovering Focus (Passive):

  • +X% Critical Chance while all abilities are on cooldown.

Refreshing Luck (Passive):

  • +X% Cooldown Reduction on all abilities on Critical Hit.

Deadly Proximity (Passive):

  • Gain Empower when casting abilities within x meters of an enemy, increasing damage by x% for x seconds.

Invigorating Harvest (Passive):

  • Harvest additionally restores x stamina per second.

Revitalizing Luck (Passive):

  • On Critical Hit, gain health equal to x% of damage done.

Refreshing Weakness (Passive):

  • +X% Cooldown Reduction on all abilities when successfully hitting enemies afflicted by x or more debuff stacks (can be from different debuffs)


Decaying Orb (Active):

  • Fire an unblockable orb that passes through enemies and inflicts Disintegrate, dealing x% weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by x% for x seconds.
  • At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns, healing friendlies for x% weapon damage per second for x seconds.

Draining Tether (Active):

  • Fire a projectile that tethers you to an enemy, Weakening it and Empowering you by x% per second (x% maximum). The tether ends if the target moves beyond 10m. x seconds duration.

Essence Rupture (Active):

  • Fire a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture for x seconds, healing anyone that hits the target for x% of the damage done.

Void Conversion (Ultimate):

  • Gain a stack of Void Essence per successful ability hit. At x or more stacks, your next successful heavy attack will instantly reset all Void Gauntlet cooldowns and remove all stacks.

Refreshing Range (Passive):

  • +X% Cooldown Reduction on successful light attacks against targets more than x meters away.

Extra Thirsty (Passive):

  • +X% Mana when successfully hitting targets with light attacks while all abilities are on cooldown.

Efficient Consumption (Passive):

  • Mana costs are reduced by x% while above x% Mana.

Refreshing Harvest (Passive):

  • Cooldowns are reduced by x% per second while performing Harvest.

Every Last Drop (Passive):

  • Successful heavy attacks against enemies below x% health restore an additional x% of the damage done as health.

Topped Off (Passive):

  • Successful heavy attacks increase the duration of your applied, non-crowd control debuffs by x%.

Evasive Refresh (Passive):

  • Dodging with full mana resets the lowest active cooldown. X seconds cooldown.

Void Gauntlet Release Window

According to the developers, Void Gauntlet will be added to the game shortly after launch. Now, it remains unknown how many days this “shortly” could mean, but you can bet on at least one month from today probably.

New World is available now on PC through Steam.

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