New World Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Life, Death Mote Guide

An easy guide to find all New World mote

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 10, 2021

An important resource in New World is Motes. There are different kinds of motes in the game and they can be used to create a variety of items in the game.

Motes can also be used to upgrade items and craft furniture but finding them could be quite a task. So in this article, we shall discuss how many types of motes there are in New World and where to find them.

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New World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

New World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

All Motes in New World

There are 6 types of Motes in New World – Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Life, and Death Mote. The common place to harvest them is:

  • Alchemy Stockpile (T1)
  • Alchemy Crate (T1)
  • Alchemy Stockpile (T2)
  • Alchemy Crate (T2)
  • Alchemy Stockpile (T3)
  • Alchemy Crate (T3)
  • Oil Supply Cart

But let’s take a closer look at each of them and find out what their purpose is and how you can get them.

Water Mote

Water mote can be found in different places. One way to get them is by leveling up your harvesting to 30 and using your sickle on a magical plant called Rivercress which is often spotted near rivers and waterfalls. You can look around Windsward and Everfall for water mote in New World.

So, Water Mote can be found by harvesting:

  • Rivercress
  • Springstone
  • Floating Spinefish

Fire Mote

Fire Mote is used for creating healing potions and magical items, like the Fire Staff and it can be found in the Windsward area. Fire mote can be harvested from the following:

  • Dragonglory
  • Scorchstone
  • Salamander Snail

Air Mote

Air Mote can be used to craft Elemental Heart, Air Wisp and other things. You can harvest Air Mote in New World through the following items:

  • Shockbulb
  • Shockspire
  • Lightning Beetle

Earth Mote

Earth Mote is used in crafting recipes for Weak Oakflesh Balm, Earth Wisp, Stone Cairn, and more. You can harvest Earth Mote in New World from:

  • Earthspine
  • Earthshell Turtle
  • Earthcrag

Death Mote

Death Motes are mostly used in cutting gems that can be equipped on player’s gear.


Blighroot can be found mostly near Brightwood, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff, and in the upper First Light region.

Soul Mote

Soul Mote is actually a Common Tier II Essence in New World. It can be used in recipes for Arcana, Engineering, Furnishing, and Stonecutting. Soul Mote can be harvested from:

  • Soulsprout
  • Soulspire
  • Soulwyrm

So we have covered most of the New World motes in this article. In case you are looking for any other mote, feel free to drop a comment and we shall try add the relevant information here.

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