New WoW Raid: The Ruby Sanctum

February 20, 2010

Attention all raiders!   Today Blizzard announced a new raid dungeon that will be releasing in patch 3.3.5, The Ruby Sanctum!   And before you say it, yes we are still awaiting the content patch for 3.3.3, but I know all you raiders are twisting your hands anxiously, feeling the itch to slay another host of bosses.

Halion, a malicious dragon from the Black Dragonflight, is reigning down terror upon the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.  Hell bent on breaking free of his bonds and entering the world of Azeroth, he and his three minions, Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Warborn and General Zarithrian, look to destroy the bonds of the Wyrmrest Accord, the link that ties the dragonflights together.   If these foes are allowed their freedom, they will nearly destroy the Red Dragonflight and unleash panic on the remaining world, it falls on your shoulders to defend the Sanctum and stop them in their tracks.

The Ruby Sanctum will be offered in both 10 and 25 man instances, on either Normal or Heroic difficulties.  Along with the new content, of course, comes new gear and items.  Keep your sites on DualShockers for more information as it is released.

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