New WWE Games On the Way

New WWE Games On the Way


THQ has confirmed that the next WWE Smackdown vs. Raw is on its way this fall along with a new, unannounced WWE product. Very interesting. Both titles, along with the previously announced WWE Online, will be shown at E3 this June.

“For fiscal 2011, we plan to deliver another high-quality WWE Smackdown vs. Raw game this fall, building on this billion dollar game franchise,” stated THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell. “We also plan to go live with WWE Online in Korea later this year. We will be demonstrating both of these games at E3 as well as unveiling a new WWE brand extension at the show.”

Let the speculation on the mystery game begin. I am guessing a game where the wrestlers drive cars and destroy each other! Nah, that wouldn’t make any sense… right?