New Xbox One System Software Update in Preview Fixes Issues for Developers

New Xbox One System Software Update in Preview Fixes Issues for Developers

Microsoft just released a new update of the Xbox One system software for preview members, numbered xb_rel_1507.150626-2200.

This time around there are no user-facing new features or fixes, as the update focusing on fixing issues for developers, as mentioned by Program Manager Emily Hanson, who also posted the patch notes on the private preview forums, including a couple lingering known issues you may want to be aware of:


OS version released: xb_rel_1507.150626-2200
Available: 6:00PM PT 6/29 (2AM GMT 30/6) 


  • Fixes for developer scenarios.


  • TED App: You may encounter an issue when loading the TED app where your local save file is corrupt and needs to be recreated.
    • Please use Report a problem if this occurs to you!
  • Xbox Fitness: When resuming from Instant-On mode and with Xbox Fitness suspended, you may encounter a frozen Kinect preview image, and Kinect interaction will not resume.
    • Workaround: Hard reboot the console.

If you’re not part of the preview program, but would like to try it out, you can mention it in the comments (including your gamertag), and another reader might be able to send you an invite.

Just remember that this is a beta test program, so you understand and accept the responsibility for any issues caused to your console. Preview members are exposed to non-final versions of the system software to make the launch of each patch smoother for everyone else, and not just to get a sneak peek on future updates.