New Xenoblade Chronicles X Images and Trailer Showcase Lush Environments, Overclock Gear and Beautiful Concept Art

on March 27, 2015 10:21 AM

Fans of the upcoming massive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles X are always hungry for new information and assets and the Japanese site for this Wii U exclusive doesn’t disappoint.

The site updated with new screenshots, a new trailer showing off the Overclock Gear and some amazing concept artwork.

The first batch of screens and trailer show how to position oneself when using the Overclock Gear system. According to the official site (translation courtesy of NeoGAFer CAAAAAAAAAAAW):

After progressing through the story to a certain point, you gain the ability to use the “OverClock Gear,” a powerful technique that drains 3000 TP to give you massively improved battle capabilities for a short time. While invoked, your arts’ Recast time(the time it takes for them to become usable again) are drastically reduced, allowing you to dish them out one after the other. Unique to the OC Gear are “Triple Recasts,” which allow your arts to charge up for a third time. If you’re having trouble against a boss or Overed, you can prepare for them by gathering the 3000TP beforehand, as the TP you’ve accumulated carries over between fights.
またオーバークロックギア時のみ、高威力の「トリプルリキャスト」までリキャストを溜めることが可能になります。 溜まったTPは次のバトルに持ち越すことができるので、ボス敵やオーバードになかなか勝てない時は、3000TPを溜めてから戦いに臨むのもひとつの手段です。

Gear Counter: Changes color depending on the arts used.

Gear Time: A meter that slowly decreases. The OC Gear ends when it empties.

You can also check out the trailer and screenshots of the system below.

Plenty of environments and monsters images also debuted, and they retain that lush and gorgeous look trademark to the series.

Finally, new concept artwork by Kazama-san is stunning as always as it captures a sense of wonder and grandeur in its unique use of colors.

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