New York Excelsior “Say Goodbye” To Coach WizardHyeong

New York Excelsior “Say Goodbye” To Coach WizardHyeong

New York Excelsior's split with Coach WizardHyeong was a "mutual decision" and the organization is "thankful for his hard work and leadership."

Overwatch League team New York Excelsior announced they have parted ways with coach WizardHyeong.

The announcement was made via Twitter which states, “Today we say goodbye to coach WizardHyeong. We could not be more thankful for all his hard work and leadership throughout the team’s inaugural season.” They reassure fans that this was done mutually saying, “This was a mutual decision and simply put, WizardHyeong you will be missed!”

WizardHyeong gave his own goodbye on his own Twitter account. “Good bye NYXL. I really appreciate the management and the players,” he said. He also gives fans something to look forward to stating that he is “planning to do lots of streams and content creation.”

Although we are not sure what exactly happened behind the scenes, it is a pretty odd move to let go of WizardHyeong. NYXL were at the top of the Overwatch League standings finishing the inaugural season with a record of 34-6 with a +83 map differential. Going into playoffs, they were a favorite to not only move up to the Grand Finals but to win it all at the Barclays Center in New York.

However, that did not happen. The 6th seed, Philadelphia Fusion, came out swinging, knocking out NYXL in a 2-0 match victory. The Fusion moved up to the Grand Finals but was defeated by the London Spitfire.

New York Excelsior isn’t the only team making changes to its coaching staff. Seoul Dynasty recently announced that KDG and Changgoon will act as Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively for the Gen.G  Overwatch League team.