New Zone of the Enders Is On Kojima's Agenda

There are games that deserve your outright attention as a gamer. Anything Super Mario is one, anything Final Fantasy and Zelda is another, and anything made by Hideo Kojima – the father of the Metal Gear franchise – is the other. Although not all of them are “catchy” games, they are what most of us would consider classics. And Kojima, that creative bastard, has some things that he wants to continue working on aside from the Metal Gear series. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back Zone of the Enders! *Audience applause*

As a fan of the whole “mech” thing, I came to know Zone of the Enders by a fierce anime I watched a while back that involved Orbital Frames (or the “mechs”) which were built for one sole purpose: to kick ass. And kick ass it did, folks – plenty of other mech ass. Unknowingly, there were two games made on the PS2 prior the to release of the movie. Of course, after falling in love with the movie, I went out and bought both games. And, oh look, who is that there that produced this game? None other than the man who was responsible for Solid Snake’s creation, Hideo Kojima. Right then and there I knew the game would be awesome. And yes, to me, the game was indeed a godsend in contrast to the other shitty mech-based games that were out there. I beat the games and twiddled my thumbs impatiently at the announcement of another Zone of the Enders game that was never announced… and hasn’t yet been either. But, there is some good news, though.

Kojima has stated that he’s definitely into working on another installment of the series.

A lot of users give us love-calls over Zone of the Enders. We do love the title, and we always wanted to create it on the next-gen [hardware] as well,” says the renowned Japanese developer. “Kojima productions has a long list of things that we want to bring out and of course Zone of the Enders is on the top of the list. However, we have to manage staffing and work around other projects. Therefore it’s not going to be out too soon, but we are really considering it.”

Hear that Z.O.E. fans? You can now breath a sigh of relief, or do what I did and shout “Yes! Hell yes!” like a maniac. Although no official release date has been mentioned, I’m satisfied in knowing that Kojima is, indeed, thinking about working on this long-awaited title.

Anyone know Kojima’s home address? I want to send him some chocolates and flowers with a Japanese dude dressed as Old Snake singing “If You Leave Me Now,” by Chicago. Only because I know Kojima would laugh his ass of.

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Yaris Gutierrez

Born and raised in New York City, Yaris is one of three co-founders at DualShockers. Gaming since the inception of Nintendo in the 80's, he has grown to avidly appreciate games of every genre, maturing his preference specifically now to third-person action games, first-person shooters and JRPGs. He's a software engineer, father and husband during the day, and mildly attempts to hold onto his "hardcore gamer" title during the evenings. An attempt that he tends to fail miserably at.

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