Newly Announced JRPG Neptune Has a Rather Unique Story

Compile Heart, the development studio behind such titles as Record of Agarest War and Cross Edge, is at it again with another PS3 exclusive JRPG, this one titled Neptune. This game has a rather unique story and characters. You will probably think it is too far “out there”, but remember, this is a JRPG, nothing is “too far”.

The story revolves around the Games Industry. I kid you not. Within this realm, there are four different goddesses that hold dominion, each over their own world. The name of the worlds, for the most part, might be likened to current generation consoles here in the real world, they are Lasdition (PS3), Platetume (not sure, PC maybe?), Rinbox (Xbox 360) and Ruwii (Wii, duh). There is also an evil goddess, which is named after a Japanese term that describes means of game piracy, such as the DS R4 card – Majekonnu.

To defeat this evil goddess, one video game system must team up with the four goddesses and lay the smack down on piracy. Again, would I kid you about these things? I don’t kid about JRPGs. This video game system just so happens to transform into a girl. What else, right? Are you still with me?

Good, because it gets even better. During battle, you have the ability to summon guardian angels from various games or from images that you have saved in the photo library on your PS3. When I first read that I swear a big question mark appeared above my head, anime-like. Are they actually saying that you can import stuff from your photo library to become a form of attack in-game? Odd…yet cool at the same time.

Naturally, like most other RPGs of its nature, Neptune will have other game companies and/or characters present within the game. Developers like Nippon Ichi and Gust are big on teaming up to do cross-overs and the like, so this isn’t a huge surprise. These companies will be represented in-game by other characters, much like the girl, Neptune.

What you you guys think about this? Interesting concept or too over-the-top? I personally think it is so weird it might just work. When will we see this in North America? Don’t hold your breath, however Sega is actually publishing this title in Japan, so there is probably a decent possibility that they will bring it across the vast Pacific. Here’s hoping, anyway.


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