Nex Machina Gameplay Video Shows Off Early Boss, Secret Route, and More

While striving for that sweet high score in the new twin-stick shooter Nex Machina, Housemarque's Michael Haveri talks about what players can expect to see from the title.

Recently, Housemarque’s Michael Haveri and PlayStation Underground sat down with an early demo of the highly anticipated twin-stick shooter, Nex Machina, showing off some of the title’s core gameplay mechanics, as well as discussing some additional features.

In the video below, we get to see the first level of the game, getting a good look at how gameplay progresses much like Resogun in that you must traverse the area, dodging swarms of enemies, saving stray humans, all while striving for that high score. In addition to getting a glimpse at a brief section where the game turns third-person, we also see one of the game’s first boss battles and how a secret route progresses.

According to Haveri, once inside a secret route, the gameplay’s difficulty tends to spike. Even while playing it himself, Haveri appears to struggle with the area, although he’s playing while speaking so we’ll give him a break there. He also notes that these secret routes may eventually lead to secret bosses, but that does not appear to be in this section of the game at this time.

Much like Resogun did late in its life, Haveri also revealed that Nex Machina will be receiving 4K and HDR support but that the team “just needs to fine tune it in the shop.” However, it remains unclear if this feature will be available when the game launches.

Nex Machina is expected to release sometime this summer for PlayStation 4 and PC. In a recent address at Reboot Develop 2017, Housemarque’s co-founder Ilari Kuittinen spoke about how the idea for Nex Machina was conceived.

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