Next Car Game is Now Known as Wreckfest; Multiplayer Introduced

Next Car Game is Now Known as Wreckfest; Multiplayer Introduced

Bugbear Entertainment have finally unveiled the official name of their beautiful project ‘Next Car Game‘ as Wreckfest.

The blog post contained a definition from Urban Dictionary for wreckfest that developers quoted as inspiration, saying that it means as follows:

Mostly common in racing series such as NASCAR and Formula 1 (aka F1). This happens on some tracks during races where the cars are close together and drivers misjudge how close the cars are. Thus, resulting in one big wreck after another.

In additon to the new name, Wreckfest also now includes multiplayer featuring up to 18 racers. Players can challenge friends to four different game modes including racing, demolition derby and deathmatch and team deathmatch. Each are sure to leave everyone’s cars in mangles of steel.

While the developers are pushing the limits to try and achieve 24 players online, they need some time to work on the netcode. Thankfully there are other goodies coming to the live build in the additon of a new oval track named Speedway, new European coupe car and other smaller tweaks like adjustments to field of vision and server searching for Steam friends.

Personally, I find the name maybe a bit bland by own taste, but it’s nice to see the game officially titled as it keeps moving toward a full release. You can checkout Wreckfest now on Steam Early Access for $29.99.