Next Crackdown 2 DLC Releases Today, New Video to Wow You

Next Crackdown 2 DLC Releases Today, New Video to Wow You


Crackdown 2’s downloadable add-on ‘Deluge’ releases today for Xbox 360 and with it comes a slew of new stuff. Your not only getting a horde mode for the game, which has you fighting off Pacific City’s undesirables, but also a Capture The Orb mode which has you, well capturing the orb against 16 other people. New awards, and new achievments which can be found after the break, along with a launch trailer for the add-on. Skill for Kills soldier.

[Thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements for the achievement pictures and descriptions]

15 Minutes of Maim 25 
Survive the Deluge for 15 minutes in every arena.

Cartographer 25 
Win a public match of Capture the Orb in every arena.

Decimator 25 
Destroy 10,000 wave enemies in Deluge.

Deluge Domination 25 
Complete all 50 waves of a Deluge arena.

Earth Wind Fire 25 
Achieve 5x Combo, Blast, and Air in Deluge.

Project Sunburst 25 
Play Deluge with Project Sunburst enhancements or with someone who has this achievement.

Raging Bull 25 
Kill 10 Freaks in 30 seconds by shoulder charging.

Speed Scorer 25 
Score 20,000 points in 1 minute in any Deluge arena.

The Big Score 25 
Score 1,000,000 points in any Deluge arena.

The Blender 25 
Kill 60 Freaks in 60 seconds using the blades on the helicopter.