NIS President Says Next Disgaea Title Will “Most Likely” Come to Nintendo Switch

NIS President Says Next Disgaea Title Will “Most Likely” Come to Nintendo Switch

During an Ask Me Anything on Reddit with Nippon Iche Software president Sohei Niikawa, questions were brought up from fans about the future of the Disgaea series and other NIS titles.

One user asked if there were plans for the next entry in the Disgaea series to get a Nintendo Switch release, in which Niikawa-san replied, “Most Likely”. This also ties into a queastion about a possible Disgaea Amiibo, “We would love to make a Disgaea amiibo. Let’s get a petition going!” Niikawa-san said,”We’ll [need] 1 million signatures! Hopefully that will get Nintendo on board”.

Furthermore, when answering a question about future PC releases of the Disgaea series, Niikawa-san replied with, “More Disgaea coming soon!”

The NIS president expandes on both of the previous questions while answering a question about if he’s satisfied with the sales, “We plan on releasing other Disgaea’s on PC. Including Nintendo Switch, we have sold over 3 million Disgaea series games. PC is different from consoles in that many people own them, so therefore we believe that releasing a PC version will allow more people to play.” Said Niikasa-san, adding, “We would like to expand into smartphone gaming and hopefully we can sell 10 million copies of Disgaea series game. If each and every one of you can spread the word out to 10 of your friends, we believe that this goal is achievable”.

The Disgaea series has seen releases on many consoles over the years, just recently Disgaea 5 came to the Nintendo Switch as a complete version of the game containing all the DLC.

Additionally, when asked if NIS will consider a western release of The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, Niikawa-san gave a firm response of, “We should, most likely”.

Lastly, the President added that Etna was “best girl” because she is easiest to write stories for.

NISA recently made many localization announments at Anime Expo 2017 Demon Gaze II and a Nintendo Switch version of The Longest Five Minutes being a few.