GDC 11: Next Double Fine Downloadable Title Has Been Announced

Double Fine is heading in a different direction with their latest downloadable game titled Trenched. Judging by the trailer, Double Fine is moving away from the cartoon nature of their other games and going in a more realistic setting. The trailer shows off heavy mech combat in which you can customize your mech to your liking. The company has always been about humor in games but Trenched is more of an Armored Core game than Stacking. I’m sure at some point the platoon leader will fart on somebody and then all will be well.

Oddly enough, the trailer ends with the Xbox 360 logo and has no sign of PS3 which could mean one of two things. Either Trenched a timed exclusive, where XBLA would keep this for something like the Summer of Arcade promotion, or it’s 360 only with no love for PSN or PC. Either way, hop past the jump for a gallery and the trailer showed off from GDC.

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Michael Perry

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