“Next Gen” N64 Controller Gets Kickstarter Campaign

“Next Gen” N64 Controller Gets Kickstarter Campaign

The N64 controller has been re-imagined as a more user-friendly "next-gen" version that boasts improved buttons and ergonomics.

A recent Kickstarter is promising players a N64 controller that will do away with all of the traditional troubles that the iconic three-pronged classic included. The new controller offers a more traditional take on Nintendo’s hit 64 bit console.

The Kickstarted Controller boasts a more modern take focused on ergonomics and functionality. The C-stick has been replaced with a current-gen analog stick, and the C buttons have been made larger for games like Super Smash Brothers. Similarly, the controller has been made such that a player can reach all of the buttons at all times, without moving their hand from one side of the controller to the other.

The Z button has also been re-imagined in the form of two triggers that sit on either side of the controller, allowing players to use whatever is most comfortable. Finally, the directional pad has had its dead zone removed to improve player accuracy.

The controller has received an overwhelming amount of support, seeing nearly $100,000 dollars in pledges in just a few days.

Fans of the newly re-designed controller can purchase one by supporting Retro Fighters, the designers of the new controller, with a pledge of $20 or more. You can check out the kickstarter page here.

I personally can’t wait for this new controller to hit he market because I’m tired of my C-stick getting loose when I play Diddy King Racing.