Next Gen Sequel to Homefront to Launch Next Year

Next Gen Sequel to Homefront to Launch Next Year

After a week of rumours surfacing, Crytek has unveiled the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, an open world FPS designed with an emphasis on guerrilla tactics.

Developed by Crytek UK Revolution puts players in the shoes of a freedom fighter in a Philadelphia that, as you can see in the below screenshots, has become a Korean police state. Made up of citizens tired of oppression, the freedom fighters are in conflict with the Korean People’s Army from the first Homefront, who have now been occupying America for 4 years. However, Crytek stresses that the recurring Korean enemy is where the similarities between the two games really begins and ends.

HomeFront The Revolution (3)

Where the first Homefront was by and large an average shooter, Revolution puts all of the power and technology in the hands of the enemy, forcing players to rely on scavenging weapons and using the environment to their advantage.

As seen in the below trailer, Homefront: The Revolution will have co-op elements, with players able to work together, distracting guards to allow each other to set up bombs or simply setting up ambushes. However, co-op is optional, and players can also utilise guerrilla tactics by themselves, striking quickly and fading back into the AI population.

More of Homefront: The Revolution  will be shown off at E3. The game is set for release in 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.