Next-Gen Shooter Get Even Will Use Granite SDK to Achieve “Pixel Perfect Graphics”

Next-Gen Shooter Get Even Will Use Granite SDK to Achieve “Pixel Perfect Graphics”

Graphine Software announced today with a press release that the upcoming next-gen shooter for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Get Even by The Farm 51, which already impressed for the realism of its graphics, will use the fine-grained texture streaming middleware Granite SDK.

Granite SDK will be used to render the large number of extremely detailed, high-resolution textures that make up Get Even’s dense urban environments, without compromising playability on mainstream hardware. In addition, Granite SDK will keep the game’s total disk size in check.


The Farm 51’s Development Director Wojciech Pazdur commented about the inclusion of the middleware in the game’s development pipeline:

Graphine’s texture streaming system, Granite, helps to solve the issues that accompany huge amounts of scanned data. With Graphine’s help, we’ll be able to create pixel perfect graphics in Get Even.

Graphine’s CEO Aljosha Demeulemeester also left his own comment with us:

Photogrammetry, and 3D scanning in general, allows game developers to create high quality game assets that have the uniqueness and level of detail only found in the real world. Our Granite SDK is aimed at solving the technical problems you encounter when using these large amounts of texture data in a real-time 3D application. It’s a perfect match.

Considering Granite’s features and Get Even‘s beauty even before the implementation of the middleware, it’ll be interesting to see the final result.