Next-Gen Xbox Teasers Hidden in E3 2019 Promos from Microsoft

Next-Gen Xbox Teasers Hidden in E3 2019 Promos from Microsoft

Microsoft has found a pretty cheeky way to give fans a hint of what to expect tomorrow at its E3 2019 briefing.

Microsoft has been releasing a handful of teasers recently to hype fans up for tomorrow’s E3 2019 press conference and it now seems that hidden in these teasers, the publisher has shown its hand a bit of what’s going to be discussed tomorrow.

First noticed by The Verge, a variety of different videos that Xbox has released over the past few days have come with certain codes hidden within. The first of these codes appeared two days ago and contained the combination “R 255.” The second, which released yesterday, then had “G 36” within while a new video today included “B 0.” Together, this trio makes of the RGB code (255, 36, 0) which is the RGB code for the color Scarlet. You can see all of these images in a tweet from Twitter user @klobrille down below.

If you’re not familiar with why this is a tease, the codename of Xbox’s next-gen console has previously been rumored to be that of “Scarlett.” While the more specific codenames for the forthcoming next-gen platforms from Microsoft have gone by the names Lockhart and Anaconda, Scarlett has generally been the designated name for the next-gen Xbox project as a whole. Now, this tease seems to pretty much confirm just that.

Furthermore, it seems like Microsoft has basically confirmed that tomorrow they’ll indeed be divulging just what Scarlett is by teasing this RGB codes in these videos. Pretty exciting stuff.

As of this writing, there are only about 17 hours left until Microsoft blows the lid off of these next-gen plans and a multitude of other announcements during its E3 conference. We’ll be sharing all of that news with you here at DualShockers as it happens in real time if you can’t watch the show for yourself.