Next Halo to Use Sound as a “Major Function of Interactive Moments”

Next Halo to Use Sound as a “Major Function of Interactive Moments”

The next Halo game development at 343 Industries is still pretty much shrouded in mystery, but today Microsoft published a career opportunity ad seeking a Sound Designer that sheds a bit of light on its audio features.

Below you can read an excerpt of the ad itself with the relevant parts bolded:

343 Industries is looking for a Sound Designer to join our award-winning audio team for the upcoming projects. We are looking for a talented and diverse individual who has a driving passion to create the next chapter of Halo soundscapes. […]

Demo reel of your past work is mandatory to applying for this position. It should highlight your ability to create original and compelling sound effects that’s relevant to Halo creative style.

The candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to collaborate with implementers to transform game parameters into useful audio events, conceptualize and design features that employ sounds as a major function of interactive moments. Forward-thinking creativity is a must, but balance it with stability and optimization in mind.

Looks like we’re in for a pleasant audio experience with the upcoming Halo. The part about using audio as a “major function of interactive moments” is particularly intriguing.

We’ll have to wait and see what this will really mean, but hopefully the game will be fully revealed soon enough.